English pt 12

Yohoho! Finally, , we’re back to learn about something. . . hha. Not like some weeks before, we’re only listen to the presentation of all my friend. . . so boring. . .

Hm. . . today lesson is about tenses. . . (never ending tense. . . hha). Hm. . . what if i give this picture. . .

What the right setence that shows the time line above (purple blocking)??

  1. I had been lived here for two years
  2. I was living here for two years

My answer is the first option. Because if “for” is appear, then the setences must be Past Perfect. Mr. T ask to us to raise our hand that if we accept with the answer. For the second option is just 8 people that raise their hand. And for the first option, I was suprise that I raise my hand without hesitate, and that was JUST and ONLY me!! Sh*t!! Am I wrong??

Yes! I was wrong, right answer is “I was living here for two years”. 😦 Hiks. . . What a moron I am! Why the answer was that?? That’s because, the perfect tenses need a kind of “patokan/acuan”. For Example:

I had been lived here for two years when you arrived here.

If there was no other statement. No use “had”. . .
I’m forget why not we just use verb 2. . . haha. . . sorry. . .

Then, , , how about this picture. . .

Ofcourse we must use shall/wil. . . hha. Remember! That subject I is use “shall” not “will”.

Except there was a statement. For example:

I shall have finished the job when he arrives.

Okay?? Hha. Just like always. . . Unimportant Posting.  . .
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