English pt 11

Hm. . . I’m writing this post was in the beginning of the day, November 8th 2009. SO, I don’t really remember what was happen in 1 week ago. 

I guess that one week ago our English class, we still listening to the presentation of our friend. . . If I’m not wrong, they who presentate was tell about Robot Delevoped in Indonesia. Hha, I’m not with them after all., so I dont understand what they’re talking about. . . 

Hm. . . Talk about robot, , , hha, , I was making that one for 1 month. My first Line Follower!! Hha. This is the Picture!! Yohoho. . . 



Hyahaha, Like this!! 

This is a sad story. . . in elimination stage we had 2 chance to show what we’ve got. The first chance, we can show our fang to UNY!! Hha. I was win. But I think that our LF performance was not good enough. . . 

Hm. . . In second chance my friend was in trouble! That his sensor of LF was broken! So he can play it. . . It was makes me hited. I know how  a lot of energy, money and time he was spend. . . Shit!! I hope I can could something. . . Knowing of that, my ambition to speed up my LF is burning, I tried, and tried again in the track that was set up for testing. But I was careless. . . Because of too much of trying. . . my sensor was broken too becasuse of a little accident. At that time, FAFARAZI was called up for a match. Sigh. . . I couldn’t do anything to what I’ve done. What a super moron of Farid!! Shit!! :(. It’s all because of me. . . I couldn’t just appologize to my crew that was spend all time, , not that simple for me to appologize. . . 

:(. . . I think my story was “lebay”. . . but. . . so what. . . I can write what I want. . . Hhahaha. 

But because of she, that she says “MJ was spend all time, money, energy and mind more than what if done, but MJ can’t realize what was he plan, , , It’s his destiny. . . And this your destiny!”. Hahaha, Cool! I’am was have a same fate with Michael Jackson!! Hha. Like This!

Have you wacth “This is it”?? Cool!!

See ya!! 🙂


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