English pt 9

OH sh*t!! English is so boring for this day! This day, Mr T bring the students go outside of the class. For th first I don’t know what he mean, but it’s really unexpected! Our task is to find the object (what ever) , then find the problems of tahat objet. After that Find the solution related to that problems! Oh no! This is my weakness.

I’m the person that can’t express the opnion, because I really a careless person. I careless about everything, so I’ll be confused for this task. . . :(. For the first we (my group) think about the UGM’s Library. The problem is why that library is always less of visitor? Hm, do you know? After check that library, it’s so unexpected that the visitor was not a little than what we though.

Hm. . . So we must find the other problem.

“We though a lot of problem in around of us. But if we were looking for them, we found nothing.”, Ty.

Hm, At last we found something to tell. Haha, its about the decorated Lamp in front of the UGM Library! Hahaha. Why these lamp is’nt taken care. Not so Imprtant maybe, but what we should do?? Hha thx for today.


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