English pt 8

Hufh, I late for the lecture, the lecutre was began about 30 minutes ago. You know what. If I could ask Mr. T (my lecturer) to retell his story, I would be happy. But I’m not crazy enough to do it. Hha.

Hm. . . After listened to him for a while, I know that he told the story about his journey in Venezia, Italia!! (Sh*t! It’s makes me jealous!). He said that he was in order to attend the some kind of Conference.

It’s began from He was sign up that International conferrence and that administrtor of that event accept him. (Wow thats Cool!!). But he said that he was not very satisfied. Is there that the certificate given before the event? It’s sound strange, but that was what happen in there. If they gave the certificate before the event, so the participant could go home soon.

That’s not only one that satisfied him. Do you know? At D-day, the event was began even that the participant was still in a line (I mean still not sit and not ready). Plus, the moderator (that should limiting the time of presentation) is BAD!! No one is limiting the presentator, so the presentator present the presentation very boring. (Haha I think that structure of my setences that I wrote was awful! Hha Sory guys! Please correct it! 🙂 ).

Hm. . . But after that. . .

Canal in Venezia

Canal in Venezia

Wow!! It’s vacation time! Hahaha. Mr T with his wife is planning to round the Venizia with a wood boat trough the Canal. Can you imagine it!! In the boat, trough the canals, a beatiful view, and the most beatiful thing is that do it with his wife! Ow. . . What a romance one! Maybe sometime I must to bring my wife to go there too! Haha

Not only that! They go to the Romeo and Juliet Museum in Verona!! What the!! (I’m even more jealous!)

Romeo and Juliet Museum
Romeo and Juliet Museum

Mr. T was said that he wonder why this not good looking building was loved by a lot of people?? (I dont believe at the first that he said that Romeo and Juliet Museum was bad looking, just a building and a rooftop, but after I googling it, , hha, what he said was true!! Haha).

Okay just that for today! Comment and Rate it! See ya!


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