English pt 7

Hey guys, , long time no see!! (Have we ever seeing each other? Hha 🙂 ). This is the day that I will start to be active to post in this blog. You know that last week was UTS, so I’m so sorry that I can’t write anything, so if you visit my blog, you just see an old post. . . So boring!

But, even I post something right now. I know that must be not so usefull for you. My today post is just like somekind of an exercise for me. Somekind of writing in English practice. hha

D’ya know? I think I don’t good enough in English Lesson. The fact is I never use a hard vocab. (Is it right that I say it as “Hard Vocab”? 🙂 ). Aha. . . I remember of something! One day before UTS of English, I was study and I found word “bafling”. Do you know bafling? Haha. Bafling is mengagumkan in Indonesia. (Hm. . . To you that had been know what “bafling” is, maybe I like somekind of an idiot that pride myself for knowing the meaning of bafling. Hiks 😦 )

Ow ow ow, I almost forget to tell you what happen in the class  (not so important, I think). Today is the time that my friend (that I said he is as stupid as me)’s group to present their presentation. It’s talk about a solar energy. I don’t get it at all. Hha (Sorry my friend, I don’t keep in touch with what about are you talking about. Hhe). Hm. . . actually, I want ask the presentation file for to be shared to all of who reads this blog. But I was too shame for asking. . . Hha. This group Not too bad, hm. . . a smart people always speak english naturally. . . Like This Like this to MH!

Hm. . . After this group that tel about solar cell system, then the group who tells about Nuclear Generator. Hahaha. . . in their presentation there is a picture that bafling me. Look at this. . .

Nuclear Generator 1

(Click the pic to see a motion pic)

Without any explaination that we can so so so understand it. . . Good Presentation guys!! hha

Anw. . . Just that for to day thx for visiting my blog! Comment & Rate!


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