English pt 5

Hufh. . . I’m late for 30 minutes.

My girlfriend school in Poltekkes Yogyakarta and she must come to school at 07.00. Because I think that I wasn’t busy so I don’t mind to be her driver. he3

But it was unpredictable that I spend a lot of time. I came home at 07.30, and then go bath.

Hoho that’s why I came late to the English lecture.

After I came there, I was shock because my group was in the middle of our presentation. Without a doubt I go to my group. Hufh! All eyes of the audience was looking at me . . It’s make me nervous. . . ho2.

Each person present her/his part of presentation. My part is Closing. Lucky me that present in the last. . . 🙂 By the way, in part “Unrenewable Energy Resources”, my friend, Ty (that one of the two of the most clever guy in the class) present his part of presentation so clear! I mean He speak like he was used to speak English as a main language. Like This Like this!
My presentation is can be downloaded here.

If you have seen our presentation, so My part is slide number 29. (6 slide before the end). I don’t speak naturally, but I just speak what I prepare before.  . So poor. . . :(. Honestly, I’m little embarrassed.

What I say is.  . .

“Okay friend!, Let’s talk about the last part of this presentation. To be Creative!. I hope you all understand about what my friend explain before, so now, you know about a lot of kind of Energy Resources.

Like what my friend explain before, that this world still use Unrenewable Energy Resources, so how if that Resources is. . . is. . . habis??

So you must be Creative. It’s an idea from me, I think we can use our ‘fart’ (sall audience is going silent). . . ‘dutt’ like that! (hahaha, dry smile) that contain amoniak, and use it as biogass. Hwehehe

Okay, still continue, , , Frictional Energy do you know frictional Energy? Yes, frictional is gesek in Indonesian. From that you can convert it to electrical Energy. . .

blah blah blah. . . (lazy to write down. Peace 🙂 )

Okay. . . thank you. . .”

That is all about what happening in this lecture. . . see ya!


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