English pt 4

Yo-ho-ho! Learning time has already begun!!

I miss you, Mr. who teach us English. I’m fans of him. I don’t know, but  I’m just wondering how he can speak English with a light word. I mean what he say isn’t heavy. Unfortunately, this our lecturer speak not much. Because today he just watch us who is doing a group-homework. Actually that homework should be done by yesterday, but our lecturer is not angry about that, because he think that we can’t do it during we were in the our each hometown. What a kind person. hehe

From the start until the end I and my friend within my group discuss about the homework. I was so shock that our leader has done the homework. What a diligent person, thank a lot for him. Hahahaha!

He start to explain his work, I mean he make a presentation (you can download it here) about All Energy Resources in The World (that was topic that was given by our lecturer in the last meeting). His (or may be our) presentation was divided into five section.

  1. Acknowledgement
  2. How The Electricity Produced
  3. Unrenewable Resources
  4. Renewable Resources
  5. Conclusion

Five person in group and Five person Topic on the presentation. Yeah! You are right! One person explains one topic. And me. . . I got to explain the conclusion part. Do you think this is the most easy part of other topic? of Course no!In this section I have to influence and invite what we explain and what the listener must do after listen our presentation. I must to be creative enough!

But don’t worry, I still have a lot of time until next monday! I’ll do my best!

Ganbatte!! hahaha. CU guys!


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