English pt 3

Did you know? I was so sorry for not to attend at second lecture. But time is go ahead and doesn’t stop. Ah, I remember something, I heard that at second lecture all of student was asked by instructor to make a some paper diary-like about the impression of the first experience in college. And it was collected by instructor. :(. I was very sad to hear that, that I do some paper and then and I don’t receive grade.:(. I hope I get IP 4!! (Fire!!)

About this lecture, we is asked to make a group of 5 persons. My group get Alternative Energy topic. And then, we must make a presentation of it. Not today of course. . he3

Anw, a presentation of course needs a preparation. In that case, Mr. Haryono (English Instructor) tell us about what must we do.

In a group of discussion you must:

  • Choose the chairman of the group
  • And then Secretary
  • And the rest is a member (remember! A member of group have right to speak and to listen)

Regulation on Discussion is if one member person speaks, others listen.

Before you do the presentation, you must now what is the goal?

  • To influnce someone about something
  • To give a knowledge that everyone doesn’t know yet
  • etc

After that Mr. Haryono turn on the LCD and this is what is written on Mr. Haryono’s presentation

How to Make an Effective Presentation?

Steps to Effective Presentation

  • Preliminary works
    • Identifying the audience
    • Formality (We should be formal at any situation)
    • Indentifying the Objective
    • Venue/Place
  • Preparation
    • Understand the Material
    • Helps from software package (but remember, tools is NOT THE IMPORTANT THINGS in a presentation)
    • Structure (Introduce, Middle, Approaching the end)
    • Question (Question from audience session is a must)
    • Notes (Write all the Question, so you don’t forget it)
    • Timing the Presentation
    • Visual Aids (OHP (Over Head Projector), LCD Projector/Data Projector)
    • Checking the Virtual Material
  • Delivery
    • The need for material
    • Group rehearsal
    • Using the Voice
    • The Need for Silence
    • Non-verbal communication (body language)
    • The value of Nerves (You must control it)

Rules in Effective Presentation

  • The needs of the audience are the speaker’s chief concern
  • The objective of both speaker and audience must be identified
  • Check the venue and equipment in advance
  • Don’t try to say too much
  • Identify likely question & plan the answer in advance
  • Rehearse (Sorry guys , I can catch-up with the Presentation, this point means that we must have a lot of exercise)
  • Visual aids are a support for both audience and speaker
  • All material shown to the audience must be careful checked
  • Eye-contact is essential in communication between speaker and audience
  • Confident speaker use silence frequently and effectively
  • (Huff. . . Let me to say sorry again guys, I cant catch up with the last setence)

So that is Presentatin from Mr. Haryono. . .
Just that, , and then. . . go home. . .


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